Should I get a Custom Dress Made?

There are a few things to think about when deciding whether to get a custom dress made or to buy off the rack. Here is my list of things to consider!

1.    You can be sure that no one else will show up at an event wearing the same outfit as you.
2.    You will have a dress that is made specifically for your style and body type so it will be perfect for you.
3.    You don’t have to get alterations on the dress as it is made to your measurements. Alterations can be a huge added cost on a store bought dress.
4.    You can be involved with the entire process so you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you want.
5.    There is no long wait, as with wedding dresses ordered at many stores.
6.    Having a dress made for you is fun. You can involve your friends and family, and make it a memorable part of the wedding, prom or party process.

Some things to consider:

1.    With a custom dress you will be required to come in for 2-3 fittings and for a wedding dress it can take 2-3 months.  If you need the dress faster, it may be possible but with an added cost.

2.    While a custom dress can be less expensive than some off the rack dresses as you don’t have the added cost of marketing and shipping, it is by no means a discount dress. At Little Pink Dress Atelier each dress is made with couture craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics, so you can be sure that you are getting a dress that you can enjoy for a long time.

Something Old, Something New

I checked out Vancouver’s first Original Bridal Swap by DreamGroup on Sunday morning at the Heritage Hall on Main St. I went with my girlfriend Jen who’s getting married.  It was a beautiful sunny and brisk February morning! Since we didn’t have prepaid tickets, we had to wait in the cold with hundreds of other people for about 30 min. I’m not a fan of lineups so that didn’t impress me but once we got inside it was worth it.  It was hard to get around the hall as it was so full of vendors, dresses,  brides and looky-loos but as there was lots to look at, it was fun!  I love the idea of a eco friendly indie show for brides in a beautiful location.  It was a nice change from bridal shows at Convention Centers! Even though my friend wasn’t looking for a wedding dress or decor to buy there, she said it was inspiring to see different styles.  She liked getting to know local vendors who had tables there, such as photographers, caters, favor companies, designers etc.   There will be a show again Fall 2011. I’m looking forward to it!

Let’s get this pink party started!

Welcome to the Little Pink Dress Blog!

My name is Hannah, and I’m an artist and fashion designer. I am living a life of pure joy creating Custom Designed Couture dresses with Little Pink Dress Atelier.
My style is a fusion of modern and vintage, with a good dose of whimsical fun thrown in. I am most happy when creating beautiful one of a kind pieces that reflect the personality of each client.

I work out of what I call my Little Pink Atelier, on the West Side of Vancouver, BC. It’s a lovely space where I create the dresses and do fittings. What could be more fabulous

I love my job! Here's me in my studio, working hard!

than working in a glamorous vintage inspired “dressing room”?

This blog is where I showcase recent designs, as well as some of my personal projects. Here you can also find out about special offers and promotions available from time to time, as well as trends and tips, and other stuff related to party dresses.

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