Hello Pink!

I’m loving that pink is a huge trend for this bridal and party season! Here’s a dress I made for my daughter Veronica. Perfect for a birthday party!

Veronica in her party dress, with some of her toys.

I Heart Fashion Magnet

My dear friend Gail McInnes of Fashion Magnet/ Magnet Creative Management in Toronto did a write up on Little Pink Dress. Thanks to her for the kind words. Makes me miss her and Toronto tons! What fun times! Gail and I used to always love going out to parties, clubs, shows, events… and we always had a stellar time together! Gotta go back soon! Check out her blog and sign up. It’s really fantastic, just like her!

Gail and Hannah at a party! And this one's not blurry!

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Fairytale Dreams Do Come True!

I am still beyond ecstatic and can’t stop smiling, and this is because I had the honor of being at Boutique Day for the Cinderella Project on Sunday. What I saw take place there confirmed that there are so many caring people on the lower mainland, and that fairytale dreams do come true- for these special high school grad students. It was my first time at Boutique Day, I was totally blown away at the sheer scale of the event. I can only imagine what the grads must have felt when they walked through the doors into the three joining ballrooms and took in the fashion and beauty spectacle sparkling in front of them- knowing that it was all for them!

A sparkly wand finishes the look!

What is the Cinderella Project?

The Cinderella Project in Vancouver BC is a charity that outfits low-income high school students for their graduation. Without assistance these kids wouldn’t be able to afford to participate in this important milestone. The project was started to help encourage youth to stay in school and achieve the milestone of high school graduation, giving young people the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

What is Boutique Day?
At “Boutique Day” once a year before grad, these special students get to be outfitted with formal attire so they can attend their graduation festivities with pride. They also:
– have their hair styled, and cut if needed ( and some stylist will redo the style on grad day)
-get their make up done, and get to keep make up for their grad day
-get a relaxing shoulder and back massage if they want
-a huge goody bag full of treats, including natural beauty products by Eminence.
-Yummy food all day while shopping and getting pampered
– Photo shoot for an instant grad photo.

A grad in the girls dress section

It was like a fashion show, watching, and also helping out a bit with the students. The students all had their own assigned Fairy Godmother or Fairy Godfather to help style them, and take them through the day. They did such a fabulous job helping select the right dress or suit for each grad. Every student seemed to have the perfect look for them.

Motivational quotes on tables

What I loved was seeing the students, who were from schools all over the lower mainland come in through the doors into the ballroom, looking timid, excited, or nervous, or all of the above, and then seeing them after all the pampering and styling, walking back through the doors to get their photos done, beaming with pure happiness. Seeing this transformation in body posture and overall confidence was pure magic. It really spoke to the power of clothing and a new hair style, along with knowing that there are people who care about you. A few grads I chatted with told me excitedly that they burst into tears when they came out of the change room in “the dress”. One guy who had more of an edgy personal style was so happy when he found a cool suit and a tie with skulls on it. (not sure if it was McQueen but that would have been a good find!) Overall, everyone was electric with style and swagger.

It was a fabulous time, and I’m really excited about being a part of it for next year!
In the mean time, I’m collecting donations for next year!

Check out the link for the wish list on their site, but here are a few other things I found they needed from talking with people there:
– party dresses in every size, but especially small or large
-Tiaras! They never have enough! If you have any extra ones you don’t need ( I know I do!) this would really be appreciated!
– cool, current accessories for guys
– cash donation: to help purchase special garments, shoes and accessories for Cinderellas and Cinderfellas who need specially sized or fitted clothing due to unique circumstances or physical disabilities. Often, they are unable to accommodate these students from inventory of donated merchandise.

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New Headpieces for Spring and Summer

Here are some new headpieces for spring and summer! They can be made for you in custom colours to go with your outfit. They are modeled by Vancouver artist Heather Passmore. She’s wearing a new dress for spring, the Candyberry silk jersey easy breezy little number. Heather and I go way back to the Sunshine Coast, where we went to high school together. She has always been one of my fav artist, and I’m thrilled to have a few of her pieces in in my home. We had a fun time hanging out and taking some pix!

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The It Lists

Thanks to my good friend Shelley at The It Lists for the kind write up on Little Pink Dress! If you haven’t already signed up for this fab fashion and trend blog, do it now!
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A picture of me and Shelley at our friend's party.