Design Your Own Fabrics!

When I was designing my women’s contemporary line in Toronto, I used to get gorgeous custom prints on silk done in China, but as this was wholesale with minimums, it’s not the way to go for someone wanting fabric for a one of a kind dress. Then I came across Spoonflower ( thanks, Jordan!) This site is so fun!! You can design and buy your own custom fabric, and print on demand! All you do is create and upload your own textile designs and print only what you need. There is no minimum order. Yeah! You can also buy other designer’s prints if you find one that you like. There are tons of super fun ones! This is such a great way to make sure that your next dress is totally unique!

Here are some playful designs done by other people on Spoonflower.

Cool info about Spoonflower:
-No minimum order
-$18-$32 US per yard
$5 swatches
-Premium natural fabrics
-Eco-friendly textile printing
-International shipping

Fabrics they have that would be great for party dresses:

Silk Crepe de Chine-100% silk with a delicate, semi-sheer texture
Cotton Voile-100% cotton voile, combed, delicate, silky texture
Linen-Cotton Canvas-Sophisticated light-weight canvas woven from 55% linen and 45% combed cotton
Organic Cotton Interlock Knit-100% organic cotton
Organic Cotton Sateen-100% organic cotton sateen, glossy finish

Happy designing!
Click here for Spoonflower Website