Sensational in Silver

I had the pleasure of making a super cute dress for Paige to wear to her boyfriend’s prom. She didn’t want to go too formal as it wasn’t her prom, but of course she wanted to look good! We created a dress with a bustier bodice with a layered chiffon skirt. It also had a chiffon sash. So gorgeous and easy to wear. It was tons of fun making her dress. Paige came with Jordan a couple times, who was also having a custom prom dress made. Their fabulous moms are friends ( who look and sometimes act like their older sisters! So cute!) The fittings were so fun, and funny that when they’d leave my face would hurt from laughing so hard! They make me love my job!

Here’s the lovely note from Paige!

“After seeing my sisters grad dress, I knew i immediately that I had to get a
dress made by Hannah. And when the opportunity came up to get a dress for my
boyfriend’s grad, I knew I couldn’t let it pass.
Hannah made the process fun, easy and very comfortable! It was definitely a
great experience. I’m so happy I got my dress done by Her, I absolutely
loved it and so did everyone else in the room! I can’t wait to get another
one done for my up and coming grad! Hannah you are the best and i recommend
you to all!”
Paige Ayers

Pretty in Pink

I believe in pink…I believe in kissing, kissing a lot…and I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. Audrey Hepburn

I had such a fun time making Jordan’s prom dress. Her fabulous mom and sister came to the fittings as well, and it was a party each time! These girls are awesome! I didn’t want them to leave. Jordan’s dress was made out of a beautiful iridescent dusty rose chiffon, which gave it an ethereal, romantic feel. I loved the silk covered buttons in the back. So pretty! I think Jordan looked amazing!

Here’s a super sweet note from Jordan!

“After seeing my friends grad dress, I knew without a doubt that I also wanted to have mine made by Hannah!
I didn’t even take the time to look at dresses in the other stores after seeing her sketches, the were amazing and captured everything I had envisioned. Hannah exceeded all my expectations- from ensuring that my dress was perfect to being a person that you felt comfortable with. I am more than happy that I got my dress made by Hannah, I absolutely loved everything about it, and so did everyone else! The experience was fun, enjoyable and unforgettable.”

Jordan Palesh

Ruby Enchanted

My fabulous sister Sarah did a whimsical photo shoot using headpieces I made, in an enchanted grove outside of Sydney with the adorable Miss Ruby. Here are some of the beautiful pictures!

Sarah’s company is Sevenish Photography, and she specializes in fine art photography of children and weddings.
Check out Sarah\'s blog and website for more gorgeous pictures!