It’s Not About The Dress- It’s About The Dream!

I love this time of the year, especially in Vancouver where we will start to see flowers bloom any day now! It gives me hope that change is possible, and the universe will help. This time of year is all about a new start, reinventions, makeovers… who doesn’t want to become a more sparkly, shiner version of themselves? I know I do! That’s also why I love being involved with The Cinderella Project, a charity who helps local grads attend prom who otherwise wouldn’t be able to- and in mega style!

You can help by going through your closet, and donating your party dresses, shoes, suits, and accessories you don’t wear any longer. You can drop them off with me at the Little Pink Dress Atelier in Kerrisdale, especially if they could use a re-style to make it more special, which I will do (email me at to arrange a time) or then directly with The Cinderella Project (see the website for more info) What better reason to go out shopping for a new look for yourself for 2012?

Thank you to those who have already donated… your dresses and shoes will make a 2012 grad more happy than you could imagine!

Love and peace,


The Cinderella Project Website

Sweet Songstress

The amazing Vancouver chanteuse Anjela came to me to get a dress made for a very special benefit concert she was performing at.

We decided to create this dress with two looks.

The gown has a semi-sheer overlay that comes off to reveal a cocktail party dress underneath. Twice the fun!

Magical New Years Wishes!

I started the new year off with a Polar Bear Swim with my sister Marianne at English Bay in Vancouver. I had started making these enchanted mermaid outfits for my sisters and I to wear, but as it happens so often, I ran out of time. I decided to spend it playing during what little extra time I had over the holidays instead. So, on new years day Marianne and I came up with these outfits while dancing and enjoying crisp and sweet mimosas, before heading to the ocean. It wasn’t mermaid couture, but we had a fabulous time!

I wish you a sparkly and glamorous 2012, with enough magic to make you believe anything is possible!

Kiss Kiss!