I am just loving these pictures of Jasmine in her custom red chiffon dress. Stunning!

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Jasmine is modeling her custom red chiffon gown. The photos are by Sarah Amaral, makeup by Jasmine Custom red chiffon dress for Jasmine. Makeup by Hoffman (Laura Mercier), hair by Courtney Brands, flower wreaths are Flowers by Em, and the jewelery is by Elsa Corsi of Jeweliette.


Have a gorgeous, enchanted long weekend!

Love and peace,



Beaute En Blanc

It was so fun to create this custom lace dress for Jasmine to wear to Diner En Blanc in Vancouver. The dress is created out of a gorgeous French lace with an iridescent metallic yard woven in. We did an open back, with a small lace up detail.   Luminescent glam for one of the most lovely, sparkly and fabulous ladies I know!

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A Marriage of Inspirations

What I love so much about custom design is creating one of a kind pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. As an artist, this gives me so much happiness. Creating bride Diana’s custom wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses is why I enjoy my job as much as I do.


I was referred to Diana by a mutual friend ( thank you, Heather! xoxo) as she couldn’t find what she was looking for in stores.



Diana wanted to have the following in her wedding dress:

– medieval look

-some corset detailing

-a style to honor her Chinese background

-ballgown skirt that works well for the ballroom dance she was doing at the wedding

-a “surprise” look of green colour in her skirt, which matched the green in her wedding colours

-a dress comfortable enough to dance in with her tall husband-to-be



The first sketch of Diana’s dress.


Diana’s wedding dress was quite heavy, as the silk skirt had so much fabric!  It was just exquisite when Diana danced. I got to see a preview of the dancing at the last fitting.  Diana looked divine!

Diana and Jeff-858

I love this picture of Diana and her husband, Jeff.




For Diana’s bridesmaids, I created custom tea length bias dresses in a gorgeous, fresh 2 tone green chiffon, to match the green in Diana’s dress. The skirt of the bridesmaid dresses was a bias circle skirt, so they moved beautifully. They also had pockets!


Diana and her Bridesmaid Tanya at the dress fitting.


The original sketch of the bridesmaid dresses. It was tea length when finished though.



Diana’s bridesmaid, Marianne showing off the movement in the skirt.


Diana’s bridesmaid Kerri at the fitting. Diana had given each girl the purple Pashmina shawls to wear for the wedding. Diana’s colour theme included purple and green.

Diana and Jeff-676


Diana is one of the most outgoing, funny and amazing person I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Looking back on the fittings, I think I was laughing the whole time!

Harrison_Hot_Springs_Minter_Gardens_Wedding-16-625x416  Diana and Jeff-622 Diana and Jeff-630

DSC_0643 Diana and Jeff-456

We created a detachable train for Diana’s dress, which she wore on for the ceremony, and then took off for the reception so she could dance the night away!


I wish Diana and Jeff a lifetime of happiness!

Love and peace,


Diana’s gorgeous wedding photos are by Darko.


Fabulous hair by: Taylor Smits

Stunning makeup was by: Elena Tsang




Drawing Pictures With Light


Samantha J. Walker’s beautiful smile.

My heart is breaking right now, overflowing with all the love I have for Samantha J. Walker, who passed away this spring. She was one of my favorite photographers, and so I had her name and contact info listed under the Little Pink Book links page on my website. I finally just now took down her name, as I just couldn’t earlier. I suppose I just couldn’t believe she’s really gone. I still can’t.


Lisa’s custom veil fitting-photo by Samantha.

This has released a flood of memories, like glimmering stars navigating their way to my heart. There they will sparkle, giving me hope and inspiring me to do more to help people in this world, as Samantha did. She was beyond motivating, enthralling in her creativity and joyful being. I wish I had gotten to know her better, but I am grateful for the time I did have with her.


A photo of me and Veronica, by Samantha.

I met Samantha through my friend Lisa Toffolo, who’s wedding dress and bridal party dresses I created for her. She had hired Samantha to photograph her wedding, after being moved by a UNICEF photography art auction in Vancouver, featuring Samantha’s photos.   She was a photographer for UNICEF, and would photograph children in countries such like Zimbabwe.


 A photo of one of the kids in Zimbabwe, taken by Sam on her last trip there with UNICEF. 


I love this photo Sam took of my baby, Veronica.


Lisa and her bridesmaids. Photo by Samantha.

Samantha specialized in documentary, commercial, lifestyle, and portraiture photography, with a particular interest in working with humanitarian NGO’s in post-conflict regions.  It was because of this background that I think she was able to bring a unique perspective to wedding photography. She captured the moment with such beauty and intimacy that I couldn’t help but be left bewitched and wanting to see more.


I got to know Samantha  when she came to my atelier to photograph Lisa’s dress fitting. We clicked, and had fun planning a creative glamorous photoshoot at Hycroft manor. We never did end up doing the shoot,  but it was wonderful to get to know Samantha during this time. She will always be one of the most amazing  people I’ve had the joy to meet.


Lisa and her flower girl Kiara, at the dress fitting. Photo by Samantha.

The word “photograph” is based on the Greek words meaning “light” and “drawing”, together meaning “drawing with light”. Samantha was behind the lens, but I think of her as the shining light that created the image where ever she went though her generosity and kindness. Samantha drew beautiful pictures both with her camera, and her life.


Photo of my random decor in my old atelier. Photo by Sam.


Lisa and Andrew, by Sam. 


Lisa and her bridesmaids.













Samantha J. Walker.

I will miss you forever, Samantha.


Love and peace,



To see more of Samantha’s pix:





Stoked to be Sewing Again

The Little Pink Dress atelier is now open, after a fabulous holiday in Spain. I can’t wait to post more pictures of dresses we created this spring and early summer- as well as new ones that we’re finishing up with soon!

I just wanted to mention that if you’re looking to get a dress made for the holidays, or prom next year, now is a perfect time to book your consultation. It gets really busy after the summer.

Here’s to a very sparkly week filled with sunshine and happiness!

Love and peace,




I had the best time in Barcelona and Ibiza. So inspiring. How soon can I go back?!