Party Dresses!

We’ve been making lots of dresses for the holiday season. Here’s a look at a few.


IMG_9716 IMG_9717 IMG_9720 IMG_9722 IMG_9743 IMG_9728  IMG_9731 IMG_9734 IMG_9738


Love and peace,



Sparkly Pink Holiday Wishes

Here’s me in front of my Christmas tree in the studio, wearing my little pink party dress.

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays as much as I am!

I wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful holiday and new year.

Pink Sparkles

Love and peace,




Holiday Sparkle

It’s hard to believe that the year is quickly coming to an end already! We’ve been really busy making holiday dresses, as well as working on dresses for the upcoming wedding and prom season. Here’s a few styles we’ve been working.

Have a fantastic, sparkly weekend!

Love and peace,



IMG_9528IMG_9693  IMG_9694 IMG_8629 IMG_8628 IMG_8615  IMG_8753 IMG_9642 IMG_9653        IMG_8674 IMG_8669