Ethereal Blue Dress in Santorini


One of my fave shoots was featured on Wedding Sparrow! The gown they used for the shoot is made in the softest antique powder blue tulle.


You can see the whole post here:





I love what photographer Vasia Han says about the destination shoot:

From Vasia Han“After traveling to Santorini a few times for various jobs, I really wanted to go back and take some time to explore and do something creative. When Lacy emailed me asking if I wanted to collaborate on something in Greece I knew right away that it was the perfect opportunity.

The shoot was inspired by the island- the light, airy blue and white tones being what you might first notice of Santorini, but the island is grounded by many earthy elements such as soil, salt, and sand.”


Photography: Vasia Han | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Stylist / Planner: Lacy Geary | Floral Designer: Tashi Flowers | Dress Designer: Little Pink Dress | Stationery: The Little North Sea Studio | Rings: Susie Saltzman

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Photography: Vasia Han | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Stylist / Planner: Lacy Geary | Floral Designer: Tashi Flowers | Dress Designer: Little Pink Dress | Stationery: The Little North Sea Studio | Rings: Susie Saltzman


Lotus Luxe Makeup Beauty Shoot

So fabulous to work with Lotus Luxe on their beauty shoot! This is a new wedding/ engagement dress design, modelled by Alexandria MacFarlane. Photos by Simply Sweet Photography by Nomo Akisaka.

I love this line. It’s so cool that it’s Canadian as well. The prettiest colours!




Check out:




untitled-95 untitled-83 untitled-76 untitled-78


Model : Alexandria MacFarlane
Make Up : Jasmine Hoffman
Hair : Lo 
Dress : Little Pink Dress
Product : Lotus Luxe
Venue : Soirette and Stanley Park 

Enchanted Forest Bridal Style shoot

I just adore this idea for a wedding! This shoot by Caroline Ross Photography was featured on Boho Weddings.


The dresses featured in the shoot are all available Made to Order.




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a Colourful and Happy Lorax Wedding

It was really cool to have my dresses featured in this delightful wedding shoot! It was created by Umbrella Events and photographed  by the very fun and talented husband and wife team,   Jelger and Tanja.

Rosa is wearing  a beautiful asymmetrical pastel yellow floor-length dress, and Heather is in a gorgeous, elegant pastel pink gown. The makeup artists continued the vivid tones by using bright colours and they are accessorized with jewelry that gave it a refined and polished look.

The location of the shoot was Glenbrook Park; a hidden gem tucked away in New Westminster, BC.

Here’s a look at some of the pretty pictures!



The-Lorax-0025-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0027-jelger-tanja-photographers

The-Lorax-0191-jelger-tanja-photographersThe-Lorax-0039-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0047-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0055-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0057-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0071-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0076-jelger-tanja-photographers



The-Lorax-0230-jelger-tanja-photographersThe-Lorax-0291-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0179-jelger-tanja-photographers

The-Lorax-0219-jelger-tanja-photographersThe-Lorax-0184-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0186-jelger-tanja-photographers  The-Lorax-0198-jelger-tanja-photographers    The-Lorax-0218-jelger-tanja-photographers  The-Lorax-0223-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0225-jelger-tanja-photographers The-Lorax-0226-jelger-tanja-photographers

This shoot began as a way to celebrate couples who are forever young at heart, and dream to express it in their wedding. The idea was for the inspiration to be bright, colourful and playful with a sense of elegance. So the concept of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax was a perfect fit and definitely the way to go. The colors and playfulness were exactly what the team was looking for.


It was also featured on Fab You Bliss. Check it out!

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Jelger and Tanja Photographers // Event Planner: Umbrella Events // Cake Artist: The Cake & The Giraffe// Cake Pops: Sweet Petite Confectioner // Jewelry: The Borrowed Collection // Floral:  Esu Floral // Stationery: Making memories with Scrapbooking // Makeup:  Organic Makeup Artistry By Stef // Dresses: Little Pink Dress // Hair Stylist: Face Addiction // Ceremony Chairs: One Stop Party Rentals // Napkins and table cloths:Jac&Jil Handmade Goods For The Home // Rosa and Heather from modelling agency Jager International // Rings: Passion Diamonds // Candles: Party Lite // Venue: Glenbrook Park Amenities Centre

Snowy Cinderella Dream



For the bride who wants something unique- this would be a perfect dress! I love these photos of Jasmine wearing our custom bridal dress , featuring a hint of lace, and meters and meters of tulle and dreaminess.

Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-23 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-28 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-31


We created this dress for Jasmine for this enchanted style shoot, shot in the Mountains of North Vancouver at Grouse Mountain Resort by the very talented Nomo Akisawa. This is my kind of fairytale!



Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-21 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-17 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-20 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-03 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-33 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-10 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-13 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-25 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-14 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-34 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-11 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-29 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-30 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-12 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-02 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-07 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-16 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-08 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-35 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-15 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-18 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-36 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-27 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-22 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-19 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-Blue-Valentine-32



~~ ~ ~~
Photography: Simply Sweet Photography by Nomo Akisawa // Make Up/Model/Styling: Jasmine Hoffman // Hair: Courtney Brands // Jewels: Jeweliette Jewellery // Planning & Design: JEvents // Florals: JEvents // Furniture: The Cross Decor & Design // Macaroons: Soirette // Cake: Cake By Annie // Dress: Little Pink Dress



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Love and peace,




Love Is In The Air!

It’s so fab to have our “Gemma” red lace dress featured in the “Snowy Romance” style shoot in the Wedluxe blog.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.06.17 AM

Here’s some of the gorgeous images from the photo shoot by Denise Lin Photography.


Snow_Denise Lin Photography_48-2



Snow_Denise Lin Photography_54-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_126

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_79-2 Snow_Denise Lin Photography_77-2 Snow_Denise Lin Photography_76-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_91-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_95-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_90-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_80-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_129

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_123-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_100-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_101-2

Snow_Denise Lin Photography_113-2





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Snow Lavender Style Shoot Preview

10537456_763465080411214_3281107400018095527_o 10906262_760598970697825_1535593724619317945_n



Here’s two preview images from the style shoot with Simply Sweet Photography by Nomo on Grouse Mountain. Jasmine is modelling a custom dress made of tulle netting and lace, which we created for this photo shoot.


Make Up/Styling : Jasmine Hoffman

Dress : Little Pink Dress

Planning & Design : JEvents Planning & Design

Hair : Courtney Brands

Jewels : Jeweliette Jewellery

Venue : Grouse Mountain Resort

Cake : Cake by Annie

Macaroons : Soirette

Furniture : The Cross Decor & Design


My White (And Pink!) Wedding




It was on a short girl’s trip to Barcelona over year ago that I unexpectedly fell in love. Fast forward a year later, and we are standing under a flower draped canopy at Spanish Banks beach in Vancouver, on the last warm and sunny day in September saying our wedding vows.




As soon as I met my future husband I knew that we were destined to be together, but as we were from other sides of the world, with very different lives,  it was surreal to be standing by the Pacific Ocean, hand in hand,  about to be married. It felt totally perfect, but it was hard to believe it was actually happening. All I could feel was pure happiness sparkling from both of us, knowing that things  somehow work out in the end, if it’s meant to be.



I love the style of wedding photographer Ainsley Rose, and so we were delighted to have her photograph our wedding.





My guy said he’d leave it up to me as far as  the planning and style of the wedding  went, but he did say he’d like it if everyone, including  the guests wore white. As we had already both agreed we’d love a beach wedding, I thought it was perfect.




Then I thought about it a little, and decided that I didn’t want to blend in so much, so I surprised him by wearing pink-including a pink veil.  My daughter and her cousin were the flower girls, and of course they wanted pink dresses as well!




My inspiration for my wedding dress was seashells and Spanish fans. We created 3 looks in one.  For the beach ceremony I had all 3 pieces on. As I was 4 months pregnant, and already starting to show, I wanted to have something pretty, a little different, and not your typical maternity look. Overall, it had to be comfortable, which is was.

It’s a strapless dress with a trumpet skirt, with a short detachable peplum at the waist, and another detachable peplum underneath that drapes into a long train. For the reception I had took off the long train, and kept the short peplum on, with the skirt of the dress bustled so I could dance into the night!



We created my custom couture wedding dress in seashell pink silk Dupione, a gorgeous textured raw silk. I wanted to use this luxurious silk as it is very light weight, but holds shape.








Here’s the sketches I did for my dress. In the end, I didn’t go with a shorter look for the evening as I had originally designed, but I still think it would have been a fun party look for dancing at the reception. Oh well! Veronica’s illustrations of her and her cousin Ryyah in their flower girl dresses is below mine. She wanted to add jewelled capes to the dresses, but once she tried the dress on, she did her own editing and declared it perfect without the cape. I must say, she has a good eye for design!







Ryyah modelling the Jimmy’s.


My shoes! I had 2 gorgeous pairs to choose from- Jimmy’s and Loubies. For the beach, I wore gorgeous jewelled firefly sandals.




Veronica trying out the Loubies.





I was lucky to have my girls Courtney and Jasmine do our  hair and makeup for the wedding. I had hardly slept the night before, and even thought I felt wide awake and super excited in the morning, I definitely didn’t look that way! Courtney and Jasmine worked their magic, and before I knew it, I miraculously looked as glamorous and beautiful on the outside as I felt on the inside.











The girls got dolled up as well, which was so fun for them. Veronica just adores Jasmine (whom she thinks of as the most beautiful girl in the world), and to have her do her make up was pretty fabulous for her.


I just love the hair styles that Courtney did for Veronica and Ryyah, the flower girls. So pretty! The girls also wore these cute hair clips from our neighbours, Jeweliette, as well as pink pearl bracelets from there that Veronica picked out.




I made a custom pink floral velvet burnout kimono robe dress for myself  to wear when getting ready in the morning. It was perfect! I’ll wear it out some time as well.



I got the best breakfast in the morning- a glittering tray of decadent jewels brought over by Elsa from Jeweliette, my fabulous neighbours. I think I had the most gorgeous wedding jewellery! I just love the custom pink and yellow gold earrings Elsa made for me. My fave ever!




It was really special for me to have my mom help me get ready at my place downtown.






My sister Marianne was my maid of honour. She wore a luminescent tiered bridesmaid dress  we made in Italian sequin tulle netting with a custom daisy jewelled sash.













Confetti at the ceremony on the beach, by Confetti and Co.




It was wonderful to have my cousin Jen’s husband Praxis play acoustic music during the ceremony.

The gorgeous flowers were by Jessica at Quince Fine Floral.

IMG_0573 IMG_0384 IMG_0386



Tessa at Sweet Bake Shop created this chic and delicious pink and white ombre tiered wedding cake, decorated  with fresh flowers. We had both chocolate as well as vanilla flavours.



We had a bohemian glam feel to the wedding, with colourful flowers in vintage vases all over at the reception.



These colourful paper  fans were made by Kristina Cross of The Swank Social, as a part of the table decor. She helped with the styling for the reception, ensuring everything was beautiful.




My good friend Billie Jane, chic in all white. IMG_1533

These LOVE lights from Confetti and Co were the perfect touch for the dessert table.



We had lanterns glowing with candles in the courtyard at the reception, as well as inside. IMG_1783

It was a small wedding, but what I loved about that was that we got to spend time with everyone there- such as my sweet and talented friend Jasmine.




Lots of roses as decor at the reception.


After the ceremony, we enjoyed a latin inspired wedding reception party downtown Vancouver, with salsa dancing going late into the night with  close friends and family. We couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a beautiful day.


We only gave ourselves one month to make this come together, and we truly couldn’t have done it without the help of these fabulous people:


A very special thank you to my mom and dad. Thank you to my sister Marianne Tikkanen and Chrissy Sommer for being there for me as my bridesmaids. Thank you to my sister Marianne, my brothers Andy, Josh Tikkanen, and Jeremy Tikkanen, as well as Jennifer Borja, Praxis Borja, and Billie Jane and Mike for all their incredible assistance with the wedding.

Thank you to our guests for being there to celebrate with us.


A huge thank you to these amazing people and companies:

Photos by Ainsley Rose. Hair by Courtney Brands. Makeup by Jasmine Hoffman. Jewels by Elsa Corsi Couture from Jeweliette Jewelry. Flowers by Quince Fine Florist. Accoustic music by Praxis Borja. Dance music by DJ Emilita at Girls on Wax. Decor styling by Kristina Cross at The Swank Social. Decor rentals by Upright and A&B and Confetti and Co. Cake and treats by Sweet Bake Shop. Sparks Photo Booth.


Sunshine on the beach

Marianne looks so beautiful in her bridesmaid dress. She’s wearing the Ophelia dress, in sparkle tulle netting with the Daisy jewel belt.




Emerald Enigma

How gorgeous does Jasmine look in this ethereal photo shoot by Cindi Wickland? Jasmine is the custom silk charmeuse bias cut dress we created for her. This would be a stunning bridesmaid dress as well!





They shot this at Reflections roof top bar and pool at Hotel Georgia, one of my fave spots in Vancouver.


Jasmine did her makeup, which is luminescent and flawless as usual.



Jasmine’s dress has a sash attached at the sides that can be tied in the front or back.



The radiant jewels are by Elsa Corsi Couture and Jeweliette.




I love this shot of the back of the dress.



Have as very stylish day!

Love and peace,