SL Miss Glam VLOG

So fantastic to meet with gorgeous and talented Stephanie slmissglambeauty and her fabulous bridesmaids to go over bridesmaid dress details! SL Miss Glam is my fave make up brush and beauty line. My girls and I go crazy over her amazing brushes. I love that Stephanie filmed the design meeting- I didn’t even realize she was filming ha! So fun working on the dresses right now. Check out her super fun VLOG for a look at how to create a really glam look using her brushes, as well as a look at our creative design meeting.



A Modern Cinderella Wedding

Featured today!


A Pink and Gold Ombre Valentine Wedding Inspiration

Featured! Yeah!

Last year for Valentine’s our custom Blue Jasmine wedding dress ( made for and modelled by Jasmine Hoffman) was featured in the most stunning shoot by Nomo of Simply Sweet Photography on How amazing to be featured this year again- with pink ombre being the theme. Love it! xoxo

Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-01 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-02 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-04 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-05 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-06 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-07 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-08 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-09 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-11 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-12 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-13 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-14 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-15 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-16 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-17 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-18 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-19 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-22-1 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-22 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-23 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-24 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-26.1 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-28 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-29 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-30 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-31 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-32 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-33 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-34 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-35 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-39 Fab-You-Bliss-Simply-Sweet-Photography-by-Nomo-Akisawa-Valentines-Day-Inspiration-41

Photography: Simply Sweet Photography by Nomo Akisawa | Concept, Decor and Florals: Niche Event Stylists | Stationery: Stationery Bike Designs | Chairs: Pedersens Event Rentals | Makeup: Jasmine Hoffman | Lashes: SLmissGlam | Hair: Nadia Bullock Hair | Dress by Little Pink Dress Design | Cake: Aeyra cakes | Jewelry: Olive and Piper | Venue: Atelier 254 | Model: Tayler Jotie | Assistant Amanda Bennett


Love and peace,



A Beautiful Autumn

What a gorgeous autumn pre wedding shoot! I am loving these beautiful photos by the very talented Denise Lin. It was wonderful to get to know the fabulous bride and groom when meeting to do the dress fittings. The gown is made in silk white tulle with hand appliquéd what I call “moonlight shimmer” beaded flowers. The veil is cathedral length, with a narrow satin trim.


887544_10154085969870139_2483478265833990687_o 12004684_10154085970030139_6747623886078180987_n 12118794_10154085970035139_341507772452451983_n 12122546_10154085969850139_1568987025632474463_n 12186642_10154085969805139_7733205239210765116_o 12188229_10154085969690139_5523040931074151312_o 12188240_10154085969695139_1479531959024523807_o

Happy autumn wishes!

Love and peace,




Photography: Denise Lin Photography

Dress: Little Pink Dress by Hannah Tikkanen

Hair and makeup: Anita Lee
Bouquet: The Flower Factory
Jewelries and accessories: The Borrowed Collection

Mint and Gold Safari

How adorable is this mint and gold safari themed 2nd birthday party style shoot- featuring our custom outfits! It was done by the fabulous Marina of Sparkle and Lace Event Details.

ALP_1367_IG ALP_1295_IG ALP_1278_IGALP_1307_IGALP_1286_IG ALP_1476-2_IG ALP_1460_IGALP_1393_IG ALP_1386_IG ALP_1383_IG ALP_1381_IG ALP_1378_IG


photographer for shoot was @anitaleephoto or . Makeup and hair by @beautybymiz or . Cookies : @shopthewhisk. banners, favor bags, cake topper, cupcake toppers, sparkly canvases, tulle Pom Pom banner by@ Sparkle and Lace Event details. Soashes by @slmissglam


Sparkly Christmas Wishes!

I would like to wish you the most happy, sparkly Christmas! This has been quite the year for me, and I’m so grateful to have such fabulous family, friends, and clients to share the celebrations. Lots of love to you!






Lady Tutus!

We have the sweetest candy colored tutu skirts in the atelier right now. Perfect for bridal and other parties!


Have a fabulous day!

Love and peace,



Billie Jane Blue

How gorgeous does Billie Jane look in her custom dress?! She had it made for her brother’s wedding in Jasper this spring.  It’s the most luminescent  iridescent blue/ green silk chiffon. So pretty!




I had the most fun making this dress for her. Billie Jane is a dear friend, and that made it even more special!

Have a fabulous day!


Love and peace,



California Chic

It’s not often that I get to meet another Hannah, so it was even more fantastic to create Hannah Rushtons’s custom bridesmaid dress for her sister Eleanor’s wedding in California this late spring.hannah2

I love that we discovered that we also have a mutual friend in common. Small world!

Hannah’s dress is the prettiest peony pink blush, with the slightest shimmer in the chiffon fabric.  She looks so gorgeous!


I got to meet Hannah’s sisters during the fittings, and it was really fabulous to get to know them. They are all wonderful people.


After the wedding, the wedding party went to the Coachella music festival to continue the celebrations. How fab!



It was so lovely to get this message from Hannah after the wedding: “The wedding was incredible- truly magical day.  The dress worked out perfectly- I got so many compliments!  Such a happy day! I have a few friends getting married and being bridesmaids so I’m looking forward to sending them your way!!”

Love and peace,






Once Upon A Dream

I love these photos of Jasmine in her custom tutu skirt. The photos were taken at The Cross Decor & Design by the fabulous Ainsley Rose Photography

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Hair by Courtney Brands
Flowers by the The Flower Factory.
Jewelry by Elsa Corsi Jeweliette Jewellery



Love and peace,