Custom Couture Process


1. The initial design consultation.

We discuss what you’re looking to get made, including theme, likes and dislikes, and budget.


2. Fabrics and Sketches

Hannah creates sketches based on what you’re looking to have made for you. Fabrics are also sourced for you.

3. Design Package

A design package is put together for you, with a sketch of your design,( or sketches of a few variations of the design) as well as fabric ideas. This is either mailed to you, or viewed together in person.

4. The Pattern

Once the design and fabric is confirmed, a pattern is drafted of your dress in your measurements.

5. The Mock Up

Your dress is cut in an inexpensive version of the actual fabric, and basted together for the first fitting.

If the design and fit is straight forward enough,  the dress is cut and sewn together in the actual fabric.

6. The First Fitting


Your dress is sewn in the actual fabric, and prepared for the first fitting. This is where we fit the dress on you and make any changes to the fit and/or style if needed.

7. Second and Third Fitting

You will be required to come in for a second and/or third fitting, to ensure that the style and fit is perfect for you.


8.Final Fitting (It’s all yours!)

Your gown is packaged in a breathable garment bag, with a pink hanger.

9. Time To Celebrate!

Cheers, beautiful!